liquid leather

 Repair rips and holes in smooth leather with Liquid Leather.

More sub catagories:

     * Liquid Leather is only appropriate for leather damage which requires filling in. Scratches or marks on the leather coating resulting from heavy use do not require treatment with Liquid Leather. These can instead be repaired by smoothing the affected area with a Sanding Pad and applying appropriately colored Leather Fresh Dye.

    * Liquid Leather always leaves a smooth and shiny surface after drying. To ensure a tidy finish, following the application of Liquid Leather the area should be dyed with Leather Fresh Dye in a matching color. Leather Dye should be applied by dabbing it onto the affected area with a sponge and then drying with a hair dryer. This should be repeated until the desired finish is achieved.

    *The area to be repaired should first be degreased using Leather Cleaning Spirits to remove any remnants of old leather care products.

    * Before applying Liquid Leather, any rough areas, scratches, or broken edges should be smoothed using our Sanding Sponge.

    * Liquid Leather repairs on hardened leather should always be carried out before the leather is treated with Old Leather Softener. Treating with the oil-based Old Leather Softener first will reduce the Liquid Leather’s ability to stick.

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